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Secondary education in Ljubuški dates back from 1933 when the Supreme Administration of the Sisters of Mercy asked the Ministry of Education in Belgrade for permission to open women's vocational school in Ljubuski.

In April 1933, the Royal Banking Authority of Primorska Banovina in Split decided to open a Privatewomen's vocational school in Ljubuski supervised by the Trustees of the Sisters of Mercy from Zagreb. The regular sequel began on September 14, 1933.

Six sisters worked as teachers in a Privatewomen's vocational school of the Sisters of Mercy. The complete school education at the Women's Vocational School of the Sisters of Mercy in Ljubuski lasted five years: the first two grades were preparatory and the other three were vocational.

The enrollment requirement was – to have completed four classes of the public school. After the fifth grade, a student would gain a final exam certification, which was considered to be an evidence of professional expertise for the jobs he or she has completed.

Under the state provision of 1945, all private schools were abolished so the sisters had to leave too. The school building that housed the Lower Real High School was taken away from them and later renamed to the Higher Real High School. The building was renovated and got it's original form, with the sign of the cross and the inscription visible - THE CLASSROOM OF THE SISTERS OF MERCY. The sign will tell the next generations that one humble Croatian Catholic religious community of sisters built this very building with the help and sacrifice of its people.

In today's building, Ljubuški High School has been operating since 1961 with the general curriculum of a four-year duration. The property is 2068 square meters in size, without the surrounding grounds and courtyards. The school has 15 class rooms which have an IT equipment and a special computer rooms with 17 computers. The library has 8704 books and 1876 titles.

Ljubuski High School can be proud of being able to maintain it's demanding curricula in order to educate and monitor it's students who will be proud, productive, creative and independent members of the society.

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